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Samuel, one of our San Marcos garbage disposal repair specialists, is fixing a broken unitHas your garbage disposal stopped working? Don't worry, we've got plenty of experience repairing damaged garbage disposals and installing new ones.

For jammed garbage disposal repair in San Marcos, call 760-670-3860.

Things You Can Do If You Have A Jammed Garbage Disposal

Our team has years of experience fixing and replacing jammed garbage disposals in San Marcos, and we are here to help you with your disposal.

If your disposal has stopped working, there are a few common reasons. The biggest reason is that something has clogged the unit. Sometimes, this is due to items falling inside the unit that shouldn't. Other times, people keep putting food down the unit that they shouldn't, such as bones, grease, oil, and so on.

You can try fixing your own unit with a tool or see if hot vinegar will clear buildup. If you try fixing the unit yourself, be very careful. Always disconnect the power and never put your hand inside the unit. However, if the unit still doesn't work, call 760-670-3860 and we will send someone to examine the problem.

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A fuse has blown.

due to a dead motor the garbage disposal had to be replaced with this oneThis can be easily fixed by flipping the breaker to restore power to the unit. Everyone's house will be different, but a common cause of blown fuses is too much power consumption. When you run several high-voltage items on the same breaker, this can trip the breaker.

The motor may be overheated.

This may be the case if you really like using your garbage disposal. To check for overheating, feel the sides of the unit beneath the sink. If it feels warm, let the unit cool down for at least a half hour and then reset it. It should start working again.

The disposal may be dead.

Garbage disposals do die from time to time. Misuse, too many jams, or normal wear and tear can make a disposal unusable. In this case, call 760-670-3860 and we will send a plumber to replace it for you. Don't let a jammed unit ruin your day! For service in San Marcos and nearby neighborhoods, call 760-670-3860 today.